If you’re looking to buy a wedding ring, New York is without a doubt the place to be. It’s home to jewelers such as Busy Bee Jewelry, with a long and distinguished history helping couples find the perfect symbol for their unique love story so they can kick off the proposal and wedding proceedings with style and panache.

However, we know wedding ring shopping can seem like an intimidating affair. There’s so many options – the choice of band, the choice of gem, the choice of cut – and the layman can easily feel overwhelmed.


That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of 7 tips for picking the perfect wedding ring


1. Identify your Budget.

Nobody likes to talk about money when it comes to romance. But when it comes to buying wedding rings, we’ve all got a budget. It’s prudent to identify clearly how much you can afford to spend so you’ll know what your options are from day one. In general, you should expect your wedding ring to form between 3 and 5% of your total wedding costs.


2. Consider the Bride’s Lifestyle.

Most women wear their wedding ring on a daily basis, so it’s wise to keep the bride’s lifestyle in mind. Very active women, or women who work with their hands, should opt for platinum rings which stand up well to wear and tear, and avoid shallow gems which may come loose easily.


3. Get the Size Right.

Nothing ruins a proposal more than an ill-fitting ring. Our tip? To find out your bride-to-be’s ring size without spoiling the surprise of the proposal, order one of Busy Bee’s rings as a casual present, anniversary gift or birthday present. If it fits, great – you now know her ring size. If it doesn’t, that’s fine – ask her for her ring size, note it carefully, and exchange the ring for a replacement. And make sure she tries on the ring more than once. Finger size can change depending on weather, temperature, time of day and level of physical activity, so you need to make sure you get an average measurement.


4. Buy the Ring and Wedding Bands Together.

It’s now commonplace to see ladies wearing their wedding band and engagement ring together, so the band should ideally should match the wedding ring. Busy Bee Jewelry offers a wide selection of wedding bands in our New York online jewelry store, and our experienced staff can give you sound advice on which bands complement your wedding ring of choice


 photo Wedding ring_zpstjb7oxrh.jpg

5. Give Yourself Enough Time.

Ring shopping definitely isn’t something to be left to the last minute. You’ll need time to plan the proposal as well, so give yourself enough time to do research, compare prices, get hints from your spouse about her preferred styles and, of course, buy the ring. With Busy Bee’s expedited shipping options, you can count on getting your ring sooner rather than later, but you definitely shouldn’t leave it till the last minute.


6. What Does She Like?

You’ll be doing lots of research on the five Cs, browsing through every online jewelry store in New York and consulting your friends and family on the perfect ring choice. But amidst all that hard work, don’t forget to ask your partner what she likes! Of course, you should be subtle about it. If you have a friend who’s recently gotten engaged, you could say, “I think her ring is a little plain. What do you think?” Alternatively, you could ask her friends and family for tips. Finally, as a last resort, pay attention to the jewelry she currently wears. After all, she’s picked it out for herself, so she obviously likes jewelry in that style.


7. Pick the Right Jeweler.

With the advice of a seasoned jeweler, buying a wedding ring in New York doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden experience. You’re preparing to spend the rest of your life with the girl of your dreams.

It should be a joyous, exciting, uplifting affair – so speak to one of Busy Bee’s wedding ring experts, and get their advice on choosing the perfect ring for the perfect lady!