When you’re buying engagement rings in New York, the sheer variety can be overwhelming. What kind of band should you get? How big should the diamond be? Do you even want a diamond in the first place, or should you go for a more unusual gemstone? Our top tip at Busy Bee is to focus on one question at a time, rather than dealing with it all at once and risk making the wrong choice or overlooking something important. The first and often most important question for any ring-buyer should be, “How should I set my ring?”.


Here are some of the most popular engagement ring setting styles


1. Bezel Setting

The Bezel setting is perhaps the most secure of all ring setting styles, with a thin metal rim encircling the gemstone and affixing it firmly in place. This makes it a popular choice for couples who are constantly on the go or practise an active lifestyle - no one wants to risk their precious gemstone falling out during a marathon or Zumba session!

However, there is a tradeoff for greater security. Less of the stone will be visible than with a prong setting, which in turn translates to lower brilliance. Thus, bezel settings are best suited to larger stones, which will still sparkle enough to impress notwithstanding the lower stone visibility.


2. Halo Setting

For a ring setting style that’s friendly to smaller diamonds, the halo setting is one of the trendiest and most popular engagement ring styles in New York. The “halo” refers to the placement of smaller side stones around the center gemstone (usually in a concentric circle, though squares are becoming increasingly commonplace). This has the effect of making the center stone look larger and more brilliant. At the same time, the halo helps to keep the center stone securely in place.

If you’re looking for a halo-styled engagement ring in New York, make sure you shop with a trusted online jewelry store like Busy Bee Jewelry, so that you get the ring size spot-on the first time. The halo ring can be difficult to resize due to the presence of tiny sidestones which may come loose during the resizing process, so it’s important that your online jeweler gives you sound advice on getting a perfect fit.


3. Solitaire Setting

The most classic of all the ring setting styles is arguably the solitaire setting. The diamond is held in place by between four and eight tiny metal prongs, which serve to elevate the diamond. This maximises the amount of light passing through the diamond, enhancing its brilliance and guaranteeing an eye-catching, head-turning engagement ring.

Of course, the downside is that any inclusions or other flaws in your diamond will be far more noticeable than usual. With a solitaire ring, you must invest in a diamond with high clarity (at least VVS and preferably FL) and excellent fire. Finding an online engagement ring store that imports only the highest-quality stones is thus imperative. In addition, the solitaire setting may not be the most suitable for those with active lifestyles as high-set gemstones can tend to snag on clothing and furniture, ruining evening dresses and favourite couches.


4. Three Stone Setting


The symbolic significance of this elegant setting makes it a romantic choice for love-struck couples. The three stones are each said to symbolise the couple’s past, presence and future.

A veteran jeweler is needed to create a flawless tri-stone ring, as all three stones must be perfectly aligned. This takes considerable skill; all the more so when, as with Busy Bee’s best-selling tri-stone engagement ring, the three stones are in a squarish cut such as a princess or radiant cut.

Your choice of ring setting will inform the kind of diamond you choose and have a tremendous influence on the aesthetic of the entire engagement ring.You have to get it absolutely right.

So if you need any advice on ring setting styles, Feel free to speak to one of Busy Bee’s expert New York jewelers today!