Do you feel nervous every time you head to a jewelry store in Bellmore, Bethpage or other towns in Long Island? Perhaps that’s because you’ve had a bad experience on a previous occasion – a pushy salesperson, an unfriendly returns policy or defective products. If so, that’s a pity – jewelry shopping should be an exciting, pleasurable and above all, rewarding experience. All it takes is a jeweler that puts its customers first, and understands the nuances which transform an average or decent shopping experience, into a great and memorable one.

Busy Bee Jewelry has been in the Long Island jewelry business for decades, and we owe this storied history to our customers. Whether our jewelry shoppers come from Garden City, Wantagh or any of the surrounding areas, we make sure they leave our Massapequa jewelry store smiling and satisfied.

Want a similar experience? Read on to discover five unmistakable signs that you’re dealing with a customer-centric jeweler!

1. Diamond Trade-Ins

Diamonds last forever, but tastes don’t. You may have developed a preference for a different cut of diamond, or a new and trending type of ring setting. Perhaps as your finances improve, your partner and yourself have started shopping around for larger diamonds. Either way, a diamond trade-in policy allows you to upgrade without burning a hole in your wallet.

A customer-centric trade-in policy will allow you to offset at least 90% of the value of your original purchase (subject to any reasonable deductions for damage or wear and tear) against the price of the new purchase. At Busy Bee, that figure is an industry leading 100%!

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2. Repair and Maintenance Services

As jewelry lovers ourselves, it upsets us to see a good piece of jewelry allowed to deteriorate due to poor maintenance, or ruined by accidental knocks and spills. At the same time, we recognise that not everyone has the necessary tools and knowhow to maintain jewelry at its sparkling best. That’s why Busy Bee’s jewelers offer reasonably-priced repair and maintenance services. Jewelry fans from all over the Long Island area – as far afield as Glen Cove or Hempstead – get jewelry repaired at our Massepequa store, because they know they can trust us with their most prized pieces.

3. Attractive Refunds Policy

The impulse buy – we’ve all done it. The difference between a customer-oriented New York jeweler and a profit-first, money-minded jeweler is, the former gives you the right to change your mind. Take Busy Bee as an example. If you’ve made a split-second decision to purchase an item you don’t really need or can’t afford right now, or realized that your latest buy doesn’t go all that well with your favourite outfits, send your item back to us in mint condition (with tags, boxes and papers) within 30 days and receive a full refund!

4. Interest-Free Installments

Great jewelry can be expensive. There’s no getting around it. In this industry, quality comes at a price. But when a jeweler puts his customers first, he gives them the option of interest-free installments, allowing them to reserve that must-have piece immediately without the trauma of a potentially debilitating lump-sum payment. That’s what we do at Busy Bee. Our clients make a small deposit (typically 25%) and the item is set aside for them until they’ve paid their installments. What’s more, interest-free installments are available for up to 6 months. If you see a limited-edition or clearance item on our shelves, don’t hesitate – with our Layaway installment payment program, there’s no reason to let that piece slip through your fingers!

5. Jewelry Refurbishment

Finally, the very best jewelers in Long Island stand by their own products, but how many can you name that would be willing to work their magic on jewelry from other manufacturers? At Busy Bee, we treat all jewelry with respect, no matter its provenance – that’s why we offer the finest jewelry refurbishment services in Long Island. Our customers bring us jewelry that has fallen out of fashion or favour, and our experts give them a new lease of life by reworking them into splendid new pieces!

Whether you’re from Wantagh, Glen Cove, or the surrounding vicinity, customer-oriented jewelers can seem hard to come by. But when you come across one of these rare gems, you know you’ve found a jeweler for life. If you want to experience a customer service experience that ticks all the boxes, swing by Busy Bee’s store at Massepequa today!