At Busy Bee Jewelry, we believe jewelry should be a lifetime investment. We pride ourselves on selling pieces that are timeless enough to always be in fashion and hardy enough to wear their age well, and hundreds of prized family heirlooms, lovingly handed on from generation to generation, have passed through our doors. In line with this ethos, our master jewelers offer some of the most efficient, effective and economical jewelry repair services in Long Island NY. Under their expert touch, even tired, time-worn pieces are given a new lease of life.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive suite of jewelry repair services in Long Island. Whether it’s daily wear and tear, accidental damage or even a change in your ring size, we’ll work our magic to ensure that your jewelry puts its best foot forward each and every day.

A snapshot of Busy Bee’s jewelry restoration and repair services includes ring re-sizing, gemstone mountings, stone replacement, retipping prongs, jewelry cleaning & polishing, rhodium plating, pearl restringing, necklace repair, bracelet repair and clasp replacement. In particular, engagement ring repair New York is a specialty of ours. Heard horror stories about precious diamonds coming loose and falling off your wedding ring? Regular maintenance and prong retipping can help maintain the stability of your gemstone mount – and whether it’s a solitaire, tri-stone, channel, bezel or pave setting, our jewelers will handle the task with ease.

Busy Bee’s jewelers also double as horologists. They are experts at overhauling, calibrating, restoring and maintaining the finest of Swiss watches, and because every service is rendered in good time (pun intended), you won’t have to part with your luxury timepieces for long.

Moreover, our services are not limited to repairs and maintenance. We are also one of the only stores in Long Island to offer jewelry refurbishment. If you’ve got a piece that’s fallen out of fashion, or just isn’t your style anymore, don’t leave it sitting in a drawer. As part of our jewelry refurbishing New York services, we specialize in taking old jewelry and giving it an extreme makeover, reworking the materials by hand into a custom piece built to your exact specifications. That way, you can showoff all of the beautiful history that jewelry represents, but update it for our current times and your current style.

Why Us?

In towns like Wantagh, Glen Cove, Old Westbury and the rest of the Long Island area, jewelry refurbishment can sometimes be prohibitively priced. We’re not just talking about the actual dollar value of the service. After all, you’re always going to pay top dollar for top-notch services rendered by veteran craftsmen, and you don’t want to entrust a mere amateur with your treasured jewelry. However, price transparency is a major concern for consumers. Nobody wants to part with their gemstones for a week and discover that the actual billed price is twice the repair fee estimate.

That’s why at Busy Bee Jewelry, we pride ourselves on total transparency and accuracy when it comes to repair costs. Because of our client-first approach, our pricing system combines fair, competitive quotes with decades of experience, providing a great value proposition for anyone seeking “jewelry repair near me”.

We believe strongly in the timeless qualities of quality jewelry. If you, too, have invested in pieces you want to last a lifetime – or have an old piece that you want transformed and rejuvenated into a new, exciting work of art – then you understand our ideal. Join us at our jewelry repair centre in Massapequa, and find out what repair, refurbishment or custom-made options are right for you today!