Often, jewelry shoppers focus all their attention on precious stone. Busy Bee Jewelry sees many jewelry lovers making the drive down from Glen Cove, Wantagh and other Long Island towns to our Massepequa store, and the first question these faithful Busy Bee fans ask is usually “How many carats?” But in our view, the precious metal used in any piece of jewellery is just as important as the gems. Whether it’s sparkle, color, durability or symbolism, your choice of precious metal can have a transformative effect on your jewelry purchase!

Here’s our guide to the some of the most popular precious metals used in our prized Busy Bee products!

  • Yellow Gold

The most obvious characteristic of yellow gold is its colour. If you want an accessory that exudes old-world opulence, yellow gold is an excellent choice.

Despite the name, yellow gold is not actually pure gold – it’s an alloy blending gold with other metals (often, zinc and copper). That’s not us Long Island jewelry stores trying to save money, however. It serves the practical purpose of making the jewelry more durable. For the best combination of shine, colour and durability, choose 24K or 18K gold products.

Yellow gold is also a great choice for engagement ring shopping on a budget. Colourless diamonds (that’s diamonds rated D to F on the GIA scale) often come at a hefty price. Near-colourless diamonds, on the other hand, can usually be had at a 20% or greater discount (assuming all other diamond characteristics hold equal) as they have tiny traces of yellow colour. With a yellow gold ring setting, colour is less of an issue as any tints of yellow will be camouflaged by the ring band. Visit at Glen Head jewelry buyers today.

  • White Gold

Like yellow gold, white gold is also an alloy, albeit one that combines gold with white metals (usually manganese or nickel) to give white gold its distinctive, alluring colour.

Compared to yellow gold, white gold is usually far more durable as it frequently contains nickel, which boasts high tensile strength and excellent scratch resistance. However, it does require regular maintenance. It’s good practice to dip the white gold in rhodium every two to three years to restore the lustrous white colour, as over time white gold does tend to develop a yellowish tinge as its rhodium plating wears away. Busy Bee’s jewelry repair services in Long Island include white gold maintenance, to keep your white gold jewellery good as new.

From a price perspective, white gold is also significantly cheaper than platinum. Platinum is not only more expensive by weight, but is also a denser element meaning that a platinum ring of the exact same dimensions as a white gold one will weigh much more.

  • Platinum

The gold standard of precious metals, however, is arguably platinum. It produces jewellery with the greatest longevity due to its strength, density and weight. In addition, it can preserve its colour without much maintenance (although regular cleaning and polishing is, of course, recommended). The only wear and tear commonly seen in platinum jewellery is a gradual dulling of its shiny finish. However, platinum enthusiasts actually see this as an advantage as this creates a one-of-a-kind “patina” on the jewellery, and also makes any precious stones on the item shine ever more brightly.

Of course, one downside is cost – platinum is one of the most expensive metals in the world. However, the purity of platinum items tends to be very high, averaging 90 to 95%. That’s because platinum is naturally strong and does not need to be alloyed with other, “lesser” metals to enhance its durability. In that sense, you get plenty of platinum for your money’s worth!

So if you’re shopping foror the rest of the Long Island area, remember to consider your choice of precious metal very carefully. This is particularly true for engagement rings – with such a costly and important purchase, every detail should be ironed out. For a world-class selection of yellow gold, platinum and white gold jewellery in Long Island (and more besides), check out Busy Bee’s catalogue today!

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