Sell Jewelry and Watches

Are you looking to lighten up on your jewelry and watch collection? Are most of them sitting around and not being used? Do you have damaged or broken jewelry or watches, but you can't justify getting it fixed? Look no further. Busy Bee Jewelry caters to the Long Island area and will buy gold, diamonds, and watches from locals in this region. No matter what kind of condition your items are in, we will buy them from you. If you are located in Great Neck, Little Neck, New Hyde Park, Garden City, or Five Towns, you are encouraged to stop by!


At Busy Bee Jewelry, we offer many different brands of watches. Likewise, we are open to purchasing a variety of brands as well. Some of the brands of watches that we offer are Gucci, Michael Kors, Movado, Oris, Invicta, and many more. We are also looking to buy Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, and other high-end watches to add to our collection. If you are thinking about selling one or more of your quality and high-end watches, Busy Bee Jewelry is the place to go! Many people are known to collect Rolex watches, but the later down the road, decide that they do not hold as much value to them anymore, whether it's for sentimental reasons or just lack of interest. Busy Bee Jewelry has a high-demand for Rolex and similar watches and would love to buy them from you.

Gold and Other Metals

Busy Bee Jewelry has a huge selection of gold items available for both men and women. The types of gold jewelry that we provide are necklaces, chains, earrings, bracelets, and bangles. If you are looking to sell your gold jewelry, we'll be happy to give you an offer. Additionally, we are not limited to purchasing just gold jewelry; we'll also accept coins, bars, rounds, and even teeth and fillings (the tooth must be removed for health reasons). It should also be noted that we do not purchase plated or filled gold, or gold electroplated. However, we do buy silver and platinum jewelry.

Diamonds and Gemstones

We offer diamond jewelry in a variety of shapes and sizes at Busy Bee, and we are a retailer of designer engagement rings. We also are willing to buy diamonds from you provided that they are 0.20 carats and above. Similarly, we also buy and sell precious gemstone jewelry, particularly fine rubies, sapphire, and emeralds. Because of how aesthetic and colorful some of these items can be, jewelry with diamonds and gems are very popular. Do you have a birthstone ring or necklace that you just aren't wearing anymore? Sell it to us! We will give you the best deal possible.

If you are located in the Long Island, New York area, especially in cities such as Great Neck, Little Neck, New Hyde Park, Garden City, and Five Towns, Busy Bee Jewelry is the best destination for buying and selling watches and jewelry. Do you have a Rolex just laying around collecting dust? Busy Bee will give you a great offer on the watch! We'll be happy to buy any of your unused jewelry for cash. If you are unsure if you have authentic watches or jewelry, you are more than welcome to come by for a free appraisal. Perhaps with the money that you've made by selling your unwanted jewelry, you will find something in our store that you appreciate even more. If you are located in the aforementioned cities in New York, Busy Bee Jewelry offers the finest jewelry and services on the market.