Is jewelry appraisal an art or a science? Well, the truth is, it’s a little bit of both. It’s an art in the sense that a master jewelry appraiser services near me can evaluate, with a single glance through a microscope or magnifying glass, details that a layman would not notice even if given hours and hours to scrutinize the diamond. It’s a science in that sentimental value, while of obvious and perhaps even overriding significance to the jewelry owner, is eliminated from the equation – jewelry appraisal  is an objective process that focuses on the grade of the gemstone(s) and the quality of the product.


Busy Bee Jewelry is one of America’s best jewelry appraisal stores. We draw jewelry enthusiasts from New Hyde Park, Great Neck, Westbury and many other nearby towns to our jewelry store in Massapequa to have their precious heirlooms evaluated by experts in the trade.

Here’s our handy guide to getting your precious pieces appraised

 Types of Appraisal

  • Fair Market Value Appraisal: If you’re looking to sell a piece of jewelry, the fair market value appraisal will give you a clear indication of what a suitable selling price might be. A fair market value appraisal takes into account factors such as the original purchase price of the item, its current condition and the price of any jewelry repair or servicing work the item may need. Here’s a tip – for a higher market value estimate, you should always invest in any repair or servicing work the jeweler recommends before selling the item. Such work tends to yield higher-than-proportionate returns when it comes to boosting the asking price.
  • Insurance Replacement Appraisal: In Seaford, Great Neck, Westbury and the entire Long Island area, insurance replacement jewelry appraisal is commonly undertaken prior to a home or rental insurance policy. Such insurance policies require the policyholder to estimate the cost of their household items – the higher this cost, the higher the coverage, and the correspondingly higher the premiums. Busy Bee’s Insurance Replacement Appraisal services estimate the costs of replacing a given item with a brand-new piece of identical or similar quality at the prevailing market conditions.
  • Estate Appraisal: In the settlement of an estate, all valuable items have to be assessed by a valuation expert, and jewelry is no exception. As settlement usually involves a forced sale, this appraisal will incorporate a discount based on the unwillingness of both seller and buyer to part with the item. These appraisals therefore place the lowest value on an item.


Getting Your Jewelry Appraised

Having your precious jewelry appraised can seem intimidating, but not to worry – at Busy Bee Jewelry, we treat every item with the utmost respect and care, and strive to give our customers an accurate and honest valuation.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the appraisal process

  • Bring along all relevant documentation: The more information you give your jeweler, the better equipped he will be to perform an accurate appraisal. For instance, when visiting our New York jewelry appraisal store, you should bring along original receipts, warranties and, especially for high-end brands, authenticity cards and original packaging. For diamond products, also provide your diamond report (AGS or GIA).
  • If you can, have a diamond appraised before mounting: In general, diamond appraisals are more accurate for unmounted stones. The reason is simple – whatever kind of ring setting you choose, there will be a part of the stone hidden from view. A clarity grade making inclusion could be partially obscured, or the color of the diamond may look slightly different because of the reflection from the band. Thus if you have the choice, you should always get a diamond appraised before mounting it.
  • Ask lots of questions: Your appraiser is here to help. If you have any questions about your item at all, feel free to ask your friendly Busy Bee jeweler! Common questions include whether the gemstone has undergone any artificial treatment, whether the diamond grading report is accurate and whether the diamond has been properly cut. Even if we can’t answer your question on the spot, we’d be happy to conduct a more extensive evaluation into your item to provide a response.


If you’re a jewelry lover, you’ll want to get your jewelry appraised by someone as passionate about and respectful of your pieces as you are. Busy Bee Jewelers has been providing world-class jewelry appraisal services in the Long Island area for decades. You can count on us to tell you what it’s worth!