Jewelry appraisal is a concept that continues to elude many jewelry and home owners today and understandably so. Whilethere are very many jewelry owners in the world, there are not as many who understand the true worth of their jewelry.

It may not look like a major challenge at face value but just consider what it could do to your renters or homeowners’ insurance policy. Is it about time you had your jewelry appraised, do you already understand how to look for a perfect appraiser?

These are some of the question we will discuss in this article

But Why Appraise?

  • The very first reason why you need to have your jewelry appraised is pretty obvious – you want to sell it. Just like is the case with disposing of any of your property such as a house, piece of land or other investment, you need to determine the worth of your jewelry before selling it. This will ensure you do not get a raw deal from some of the many conniving dealers flooding the jewelry markets today.


  • Another reason why you may need to appraise your jewelry is if it was part of the items passed down on you by your parents as part of inheritance. You should remember that the value of your jewelry would greatly change upon inheritance. Why? Simply because not only are you acquiring a new possession, the jewelry that is bequeathed on you may also be acquiring a new meaning in the sense that your parents may have kept it for sentimental purposes but you need it for economic use, or vice versa. When it changes its purpose from a mere souvenir to a real asset, it is only fair you have it appraised to determine its worth which directly adds to yours.


  • The last reason for having your jewelry appraised is due to the fact that the value of jewelry has a direct relationship with your renters or homeowners insurance policy. This is because it will be considered part of your personal property and the terms of the insurance cover will vary depending on the value of the jewelry. Of course, it is important to mention that the insurance covers in this case only apply to a certain minimum worth so you may have to contact your insurance company to understand this limit before enlisting your jewelry as part of the precious items for which you can apply an insurance cover.

Now That We Know The Value Of Appraising

The next step is actually finding an ideal appraiser. If you are in New York and are looking for Where to get jewelry appraised near me, you may consider using the services of Busy Bee Jewelry as you will never regret that decision. But what gives us a cut above the rest, you may ask?


To begin with, we understand the market trends when it comes to the price mechanisms of jewelry and precious metals. This means that when you approach us, we will first begin by enlightening you on what the prevailing prices are and appraise your jewelry based on these prices. This is to say if you intended to sell off some pieces of jewelry, the information you will receive from us will be resourceful in making you understand whether you are trading with prospects of gaining or losing out. Our experience in the industry from 1994 has taught us that the prices of jewelry are built on shifting sands so we make it our business to keep up to date with current fluctuations in these prices.


An ideal jewelry appraiser is one that is duly licensed by relevant state agencies. Because we are duly licensed by the state’s licensing board, you can have the peace of mind knowing you are dealing with professionals that will ensure nothing but the best jewelry appraisal services ever. The fact that we are also associated with The American Society of Appraisers is yet another reason to consider us a safe pair of hands when it comes to jewelry appraisal in New York.


Last but not least, we pride ourselves in availing a wide variety to the entire Tri-State area. Whether you are looking for watches, engagement rings, necklaces and all, you can look to us to provide all these. To make your search easy, take advantage of the filters on our website to locate your preferred item with ease. You can search based on our ’Featured Section’’, ’Best Sellers’’,  ’New Arrivals’’ etc.

For more information on appraisals, feel free to check out our appraisals page