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About Us

Busy Bee Jewelry has been in business since 1994 and is a family-owned boutique jewelry store. We pride ourselves on providing superior quality and customer service to our clientele in the Tri-State area.

We are extremely experienced in the diamond business and our relationship with our jewelry designers is unparalleled. We work with the largest diamond suppliers in the world which are De Beers Sightholders and we purchase our diamonds directly from the source which is why we are able to offer wholesale prices to the public for the best diamonds cut for light performance. We carry a large variety of designers for engagement rings and wedding bands such as Simon G., Zeghani, Gabriel & Co., Amavida, etc. If we don’t have what you need, we can get it and can help you to pick the best diamonds that we hand select that will fit your budget.

We have a GIA Graduate Gemologist on the premises and have a state of the art facility that includes a colorimeter which grades the color of a diamond and ultraviolet light to determine the fluorescence as well as microscopes and a refractometer, which determines the kind of stone by using the refractive index, and a Sarin machine which determines the cut grade of diamonds. All of our work is done in house which means we don’t have to send anything out and we can do the work while the customer watches so that they can see their jewelry creation in the process. Our facility has a laser welding machine and a Solidscape 3D printer that allows us to create custom jewelry to the customer’s specifications. By using the latest technology we can provide the highest quality or service at the best price available.

We are a premiere watch boutique on Long Island, we carry most of the high-end Swiss watch brands. We also do watch repair and have a facility equipped for maintenance and overhauls on fine Swiss watches. We are also one of the top jewelry buyer store in Long Island where you can sell gold, diamond jewelry. We do overhauls, calibration, restoration and the more basic cleaning of the movement and polishing of the case. Our highly trained master watchmakers will provide professional services and repairs for your watch with more affordability and speed than the original manufacturer.

We are firmly committed to our customer satisfaction because our reputation is our most valued commodity. We continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by focusing on the quality of the service we provide because we value your business.