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We offer custom hand, machine and laser engraving services: we use different methods of engraving NYC, depending on the material and shape of the engraved object. Leave it to our experts to recommend: laser engraving on certain types of glass, metals and leather, diamond point engraving on soft metals, crystal and certain types of glass, hand engraving for the most precious items, etching, and of course, machine engraving for large quantities.

Laser Engraving must be one of the most versatile methods for marking items permanently – many different materials can be engraved, including a wide range of metals (softer metals such as gold as well as harder metals such as tungsten can be engraved with equal success). It is also possible to engrave other materials via the use of a laser, materials such as plastic, wood, leather and glass. Jewelry Engraving is useful for many purposes, from creating aesthetic designs on accessory pieces to identification devices (for example, a dog tag with name and owner’s number).

We engrave on almost all materials: from glass to 10KT 14KT and 18KT gold, platinum, and silver, tungsten, titanium, brass, aluminum, wood and leather. We can engrave a custom monogram on a pendant or disc or on an item you purchase to your own personalized specifications. We can engrave your leather bible or photo album cover for a meaningful gift or treasure.

We also engrave gifts: photo frames and Crystal glasses make for a great gift! From Zippo lighters to knives and pens, watches, keychains, corporate gifts to engraved baby gifts, you want it, we have it! We have something for any and every occasion!

We have various fonts, styles, and logos to choose from. You can even provide us with your own image for us to engrave to make a memorable custom gift that will last a lifetime.